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What Sentences Shows Correct Subject-Verb Agreement

(The agreement on the subject is correct. It`s a collective team. A collective name is one. B “committee” or “team” that refers to a group of men, things or animals. In British English, a collective name can be used either with a singular verb or with a plural verb. In American English, it is usually used with a singular verb. ) (The agreement on the subject is wrong. The dog and the boy are two different things. Two things mean the theme of the plural.

The verb should therefore also be plural. This sentence should be written as: The dog and the boy go to the park.) The good sentences as well as explanations in parentheses are written below: (The verb subject agreement is wrong. Criterion is a unique name. With a singular noun, we use a singular subject. This sentence should be written as: the relevant criterion is that the student is at university and has a high MPA.) Immediately after Zaroff manages to present Ivan as a little wilder, much like “his whole race,” he discovers that they are a similar breed, implying that he is also wild. Example: the members of the commission or the student writes every day. For example, the Committee approves the quality of the letter. Answer: From these honored deaths, we take greater devotion to the cause for which they have given the last measure of devotion – that we are here very determined that these dead are not dead for nothing, that this nation under God will have a new birth of freedom, and that the government of the people 1.

The girl was determined to find every item on the list for her school`s treasure hunt. . Example: Interviews are a way to collect data and allow researchers to have a thorough understanding of participants. For example, I offer a $5 gift card to everyone who participates in the study. The key: subject – yellow, bold; Verb – green, emphasize, even if the general tsaroff says he is socialized and honorable, there are insights that he is gradually animist. an excellent among the best models is a physical representation of the general. Example: the Doctoral student and committee members write daily. Example: The information obtained by business leaders was relevant to be included in the study. Example: the proceeds of the sale are used to help the homeless in the city. For example, there are many factors that affect teacher retention. For example, nine selected participants were at the centre of the interviews. For example, the Committee participates in various volunteer activities in its private life.

For example, she writes every day. Exception: If you use the singular “she,” use plural shapes. For example, the participant was satisfied with his work. You currently play a leadership role in the organization. Example: this quarter`s result is better than expected. . 3.The relevant criterion is that the student is at university and has a high MPA. For example, diabetes affects many people around the world. For example, each participant was ready to be registered. For example, the research I found on this subject was limited. However, the plural verb is used when the focus is on the individuals in the group. It`s much rarer.

For example, no one was available to meet me at my favorite times. Example: the student with all the master`s degrees is highly motivated. Sometimes, however, it`s a little more complicated. For example, the percentage of workers who reported illness and the number of workers who left their jobs within two years reflected the level of job satisfaction.

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