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Ucsb Transfer Agreement

If you apply to UCLA in a highly selective major (see list below), you must have at least a total MPA of 3.4 and at least an MPA of 3.0 in your main preparation. If your MPA is between 3.25 and 3.4, you must declare an alternative major and meet with a transfer advisor. If you don`t, we won`t certify TAP. (This list can be changed from year to year, so be sure to check the changes each year) The BALISE sets criteria for guaranteed admission to the BKSB. At UCSB, TAGs are available for all college of Letters and Science majors, with the exception of performing arts majors who require an audition. The TAG is not available to majors at the College of Engineering or the College of Creative Studies. For more information on articulation courses, visit the ASSIST website under the articulation agreements between UCSB and your Community College. The criteria vary depending on the university or university of four years, but in all cases, a UC TAG is only available for students directly transferred by a College of the Community of California for a DAY, including international students (with a visa). The University of California defines a CCC transfer student as having completed more than half of his units in a CCC.

All UC TAG campuses require students to meet this definition. To be eligible, students must have completed at least thirty transferable units to the UC at the time of submission with a specific GPA, as is required for each campus/major. In most cases, if you follow 60 units of general education (90 half-units) and a specific important course work in a community school and if you keep a 2.0 GPA or more, you move to a guaranteed saved place in a participating four-year university with a junior position. The Degree for Transfer Associate also offers you advantages over other transfer students. Most agreements require that your math and English courses be completed or in progress at the time of application for a DAY. Be sure to start these courses at an early stage if you are considering applying. The time to present a DAY is usually one year before the transfer period (for example.B.

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