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Tucson Electric Power Landlord Agreement

UniSource Energy Services provides safe and reliable energy to more than 256,000 customers across Arizona. Our natural gas service reaches more than 160,000 customers in northern and southern Arizona, while our electrical service reaches more than 96,000 customers in Mohave and Santa Cruz counties. Last fall, Arizona`s consumer advocate proposed the Clean Peak standard, which is expected to compete with renewable energy batteries and gas-fired peak facilities. Do you own rental property? TEP can automatically transfer the authority on the electrical service in one of your accommodations to your account if a tenant requests a separation of service and detracts from the property. This allows you to maintain an uninterrupted electrical service in your property, subject to the following terms and conditions. Tucson Electric Power has signed a power purchase agreement for a Solar Plus storage system “that costs well under $0.045/kWh over 20 years,” as a company representative said. The exact prices are confidential, but a release binds the PPP to less than USD 0.03/kWh for the solar portion of the project. This proposal registered a 2015 solar more PPA storage signed in Hawaii for 0.145 USD/kWh. At that price, she noted, clean generation could compete with Arizona`s advanced conventional companies, which produce electricity at close to $0.20/kWh. TEP is working to get 30% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and sees storage as a way to ease the interruption of solar and wind power.

The last major solar plus PPA memory was signed in January by the Kauai Island Utility Cooperative at USD 0.11/kWh. This project – 28 MW of solar batteries and 100 MWh of batteries – will supplant the current production of base charge powered by the distribution company`s oil. The NextEra subsidiary will use the 30% federal investment tax credit for solar and storage installations, with “less than USD 0.045/kWh” being the distribution company`s price, Tilghman confirmed. The PET project, which is owned by the City of Tucson, is expected to be online by the end of 2019. It would be TEP`s largest dedicated renewable energy resource. Every day, SIU executive officials lead by example. Learn more about our company`s management team. The new project announced “calls for the idea that the costs of high-power solar energy decrease” and become more feasible for distribution companies, Barrios said.

Owners can complete and apply for a new contract for any of their properties and terminate them at any time.

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