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Tir Agreement

4 March 2020New new contract between customs authorities and national associations, which is now available The TIR regime applies to the transport of goods that begins or ends in an EFE country. The TIR scheme may also apply to the transport of goods from one EU country to another EU country through a non-European country with which no agreement has been reached on the application of municipal customs services. TIR letters are synonymous with “International Road Transport.” The TIR agreement applies to the transport of goods between a departure customs office in one country and the destination office in another country. The countries concerned must be affiliated with the TIR agreement. December 12, 2019 The DETIR agreement accepts subcontracting. The TIR convention is maintained by the EEC-UN, which, in collaboration with the shooting secretariat, also holds a publication known as the TIR manual. The manual contains not only the text of the Convention, but also a wealth of other useful information on the practical application of the Convention. 24 January 2020Activation of the TIR system in Saudi Arabia The agreement on the international transport of goods under the guise of CARnets (TIR agreement) is a multilateral treaty concluded on 14 November 1975 in Geneva to simplify and harmonize the red tape of international road transport. (TIR means “International Road Transport”) The 1975 Convention replaced the 1959 TIR Convention, which itself replaced the 1949 TIR Convention between a number of European countries. [1] The conventions were adopted under the auspices of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNSE). By December 2018, there are 76 parties to the convention, including 75 states and the European Union.

Background: The first delivery under the Un Convention on International Road Transport (TIR) arrived from Afghanistan to India via the Iranian port of Chabahar. 26 February 2020 Presentation of various amendments to the 1975 TIR Convention and the introduction of the new Annex 11 During the first two phases, provisions were put in place to submit access to the use of the TIR customs authorization system (called “controlled access”) and clarification of the roles and responsibilities of key players in the TIR system. The third phase, currently underway, includes a project to computerize the shooting system (international eTIR system) and measures to increase the transparency of the international organization. To date, more than 33,000 international carriers (by their competent national authorities) have been approved for access to the TIR system, with approximately 1.5 million TIR notebooks per year.

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