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Riyadh Arab Agreement For Judicial Cooperation 1983

Court and extrajudicial documents and documents relating to civil, commercial, administrative and personal cases to be made public or forwarded to persons residing in one of the contracting parties are sent directly by the judicial authority or official concerned to the district court where the person to be notified resides resides. WITH THE JUDGE OF JUSTICE ARABESS, 6 APRIL 1983 All witnesses or experts, regardless of nationality, are present in the territory of a contracting party, and to do so voluntarily before the judicial bodies of the applicant, enjoy immunity from criminal proceedings against them, or arrest or imprisonment on the basis of acts committed in their former , or during the execution of convictions that were obtained before they entered the applicant`s territory. (a) For the application of this party, judgment means any decision, regardless of nomenclature, made in the context of judicial or judicial proceedings of the courts or a competent authority of a party. Each party undertakes to extradite persons identified on its territory who have been charged by the competent authority or convicted by a judicial authority of other contracting parties, subject to the rules and conditions set out in this section. In 2012, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced a new arbitration right (the “Arbitration Act”) that replaced the previous arbitration right of 1983. The Arbitration Act is largely based on the UNCLOS`s 1985 Model International Commercial Arbitration Act and has introduced a series of promising amendments to arbitration as a method of dispute resolution in the kingdom. At present, however, it is difficult to estimate the degree of change in practice. It remains to be seen how the Saudi courts will apply the law in the future. The enforcement provisions of the arbitration law have yet to be adopted. (b) the contracting party who extradited him approves these proceedings, provided that a new application, accompanied by the documents listed in Article 42 of this agreement and a minutes containing the statements of the extradited person regarding the extension of the extradition, which indicates that he had the opportunity to submit his defence to the competent authorities of the contracting parties who request it. , are established. b) Where the provisions of this agreement are contrary to those of a previous special agreement, the text that is most effective for the extradition of persons charged with charges or convictions applies. The competent court of the contracting party hearing an application for recognition of the judgment orders, as soon as it deems it necessary, that appropriate measures be taken to confer on the judgment the same enforceable status it might have had had it been made by the required party.

However, the provisions of this article do not prevent the temporary secondment of the person concerned from appearing before the applicant`s judicial authorities, provided that the applicant undertakes to return that person as soon as the judicial authorities have ruled on his case.

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