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Ona Collective Agreement Niagara Health System

The program builds on industry best practices and scientific research and ensures that there is a support system in place to allow employees to return to work after a work-related or non-work-related injury or illness. Studies show that employees recover faster and more efficiently if they return to productive and safe tasks as soon as possible. Other benefits of RTW`s programs are the maintenance of healthy and qualified staff, as well as reduced replacement staff and claim costs. This proactive initiative aims to prevent injuries and illnesses by preserving safe and healthy employment and by enabling injured workers to return to a productive and safe work environment. “ONA and the Ontario Health Clinics (OHCOW) came up with the idea at first and we liked it so much that our other unions, SEIU and OPSEU, came to see us quickly,” says Terry McMahon, Vice President of Human Resources, NHS. “We realized we needed a little more expertise, and the occupational responsibility response team, the Public Health and Safety Services Association and the Institute for Work and Health joined the partnership. The collaborative nature of the program is innovative, and we are all positive that it contributes to its success. In the future, all NHS employees will be informed of the program from January 2012 through a series of services and videos. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board has collected baseline data to track programmatic results in the hope that expected successes can be shared with other organizations. . The Back to Work program and the primary prevention programme were developed in collaboration with: an RTW committee was set up to prepare for the launch of the programme and a team of more than 40 RTW coordinators participated in five days of intensive training.

The coordinators, including front-line staff, union representatives and leaders, were introduced to a wide range of topics, including disability prevention strategies, return-to-work legislation and accommodation principles. “We now have an `army` that supports employees returning to work,” says Chris Cecchini, Regional Director, Labour Relations, Human Resources. “These people are also trained in prevention strategies to avoid workplace injuries and illnesses as much as possible.” NIAGARA Contract, ON: Workplace injuries and illnesses cost billions of dollars a year with more than 250,000 people injured on work across Ontario. In 2011, this amounted to about $10 million for the Niagara health care system. In this context, the Niagara Health System (NHS), in partnership with its local unions, the Human Rights Association (ONA), the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Ontario Public Service Employees Unions (OPSEU), welcomes the implementation of an innovative new return-to-work (RTW) and primary prevention program. Download the model agreement for care homes (French) (expiry date of June 30, 2021) here . The Ontario Nurses Association negotiates your wages, benefits and working conditions on your behalf. Go to your contract below: .

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