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New Public Sector Pay Agreement

“The absence of an agreement would create a very difficult environment for labour relations which, even because of the continuing Covid crisis, would be even more difficult. I don`t think it`s in anyone`s interest,” he said. Unions met this morning to discuss progress in developing negotiations with the Ministry of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER). Kevin Callinan, the city`s general secretary and chairman of the Public Services Committee (PSD), told unions that there is currently no basis for negotiations with the government for a new agreement on public service compensation. Under the agreement, there will be an overall increase of 1% of gross salary or 500 euros per year, depending on the highest amount. Measures put in place in 2013 as part of the Haddington Road Agreement will be reviewed. Stockfoto: Getty The Croke Park Agreement arrived after the introduction of two wage cuts, and although it did not promise mandatory redundancies, workers were expected to work harder and less, as the agreement focused on public sector reform. The country`s 340,000 civil servants are expected to pay for two 1pc increases in a new two-year wage deal. “The reduction in public service pensions has contributed significantly to the stabilization of public finances since its launch in January 2011. In recent years, wage cuts and pension cuts have been rolled out. As required by law, we are now at the point where the remaining 3% of public service retirees will have to be removed from the effects of the PRSP in the coming period. In addition, an implementation and reporting plan is planned to verify the implementation of agreed reforms, including through sectoral action plans. There is a clause in the agreement that obliges the parties to industrial peace, in accordance with previous agreements.

The intention is to examine outstanding judgments, recommendations, bonuses and receivables, the possibility for groups to use the available allocation as a sectoral compensation cycle. The proposed agreement maintains existing provisions and safeguards that unions oppose the outsourcing of public services. There would also be new dispute resolution mechanisms, including a labour peace clause, which would be consistent with previous agreements. If ratified, the Building Momentum: A New Public Sector Agreement would run from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022. Each of the public service unions affiliated with the ICTU will now review the proposals in detail before submitting the package to its members.

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