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License Agreement Starbucks

The components of Starbucks` Nestlé business generate annual sales of approximately $2 billion. The agreement does not contain ready-to-drink products. About 500 Starbucks employees will join Nestlé as part of the deal, but operations remain in Seattle, Nestlé said. The agreement is subject to approval by the authority and is expected to be concluded by the end of 2018. “Agreement” refers to these terms and conditions of sale in modified, revised and updated versions, The Starbucks Sales Contract, sales plan, order, framework contract, specifications, standards and policies referred to in the accompanying documentation and documentation containing these General Terms of Purchase. Any work or work product and any intellectual property product related to a work or work product (together “works”) established by the seller or by his employees, service providers, contractors or agents at Starbucks` request and integrated into the product or services, including, but not limited to supplies, is considered to be ordered and ordered by Starbucks and considered a work that was manufactured for rent from the date of creation and exclusive ownership of Starbucks, regardless of what has been done. To the extent that the works are not considered to be unqualified and limited-ready works, the seller (for himself and his collaborators, suppliers, contractors and service assistants) cedes the works exclusively, irrevocably and sustainably, as well as all rights, titles and interests and all goods in the world. No right is reserved for the seller (or his employees, contractors, contractors and assistants) or is returned to the seller who expressly waives any right of imputation or integrity. The seller agrees to obtain all appropriate authorizations and assignments necessary to transfer the rights to Starbucks` works. The seller undertakes (and encourages them to do so) to fully pass on its employees, service providers, contractors and representatives to Starbucks on all aspects of all works. The seller undertakes not to file or register patents, trademarks or copyrights related to the works. After completion of the work (or the previous request from Starbucks) Starbucks must provide the works at the same time as all copies of the works.

The seller must provide information and know-how to Starbucks (and make available to its employees, contractors, contractors and agents) to the extent necessary for the use and use of works and improvements or derivatives related to the works. In addition, the seller undertakes not to assert rights, to assert the value or validity of the rights or validity rights attached to them in Starbucks` factories and rights, or to assist others. The vendor grants Starbucks a non-exclusive, global, irrevocable and free license, with the ability to license and sublicensing, and without the need for accounting, to acquire or use all of the seller`s intellectual property rights related to the use and use of works-related works and derivatives.

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